Client Success Stories – In Their Words

“Our company has totally re-invented itself in the most positive light by implementing the EOS system. Our Implementer Sandy Fekete, has helped stay focused, on track and experience great measured results. Truly what gets measured, gets done!” 

–  Tim Galvin, President, Brexton, LLC

“Our company was divided, lacked consistency and vision, and needed a change. We heard about EOS and the simple tools that could provide our group with a structured path to be a great place to work. Through the experienced leadership of our EOS Implementer, Sandy Fekete, our group was able to become a team. And our team was able to begin applying the tools inside our organization. EOS has helped us to rework our company vision, reestablish our positive culture, and embrace the growth that we have set.“

–  Ken Jenkins, Pleasant Precision

“It’s difficult for me to recommend Sandy to my peers…because when I do so it sounds like I belong to a cult! I can’t help but use every superlative I know when describing how transformative my experience has been with Sandy and EOS. I can hear myself almost badgering people “you HAVE to meet her for the 90-minute meeting!!! It will change your life and those around you…”. I’ve learned that people come to this when they are ready to truly ready to share the vision, do the work to hold others accountable and let go of every entrepreneur’s curse of knowing we CAN do it all, but shouldn’t. And when YOU are ready? Sandy will be there to guide you on the most powerful journey you can take with your organization’s team. One that will be a gift they will never look back from.”

Angela Petro, CEO, Two Caterers and Sweet Carrot

“We have seen massive growth and change in just a year of adopting the EOS system. It has married the two essential ingredients to a healthy and productive team: culture and accountability. The team is much more cohesive, expectations are clearer, and we strive to truly embody our core values each and every day. Sandy was absolutely instrumental in guiding us through this process with rigor, strategy, and compassion so that we could fully engage in the process and make the most out of each meeting.”

 – Rebecca Wiggins, Executive Director, AFCPE

“The investment we’ve made into EOS and to Sandy as our implementer has been worth every penny . Our clarity and progress in all 6 areas of the EOS Model has and will continue to be life changing in our business. Sandy has been a true partner to our leadership team and our company throughout our EOS journey. She has helped keep myself, our leadership and in turn, our company on track and focused on following the key best practices of EOS.”

–  Jeremy Florea, President, Stafford Technology

I think the work of any good facilitator is to ensure that everyone in the group is encouraged to participate fully, and that not all ideas that are shared are of the same value. Sandy does this. She has provided invaluable insights into the health of our team and encouragement to address them in ways that require conflict, but tackles the issue directly!”

–  Rachel Lustig, CEO, Catholic Social Services